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Kevin Strieter


My name is Kevin and I fell in love with aviation at a very young age. Ever since my first toy airplane that was given to me by my grandparents when I was quite young I wanted to be a pilot. It was not until the summer of my fourteenth birthday that I was enrolled into a summer aviation course by my grandfather and it was from that point I never looked back. I was born and raised in Traverse City, MI and earned most of my ratings from Northwestern Michigan College flight program and went on to complete my commercial and flight instructor certificates on my own. I am passionate about teaching and aviation as a whole. I am currently the chief  flight instructor at Orchard Beach Aviation in Manistee, MI and my full-time job is a supervisor with a Major Airline in Traverse City, MI.

Rob Ericson


Hey I am Rob and I was introduced to aviation at an early age in my life. My dad was a pilot and a big influence to why I became an avgeek at such a young age. I completed my flight training at Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, MI and from there went on to be a flight instructor and charter pilot in Saginaw, MI. I have background in flying King Air’s, Cessna 421’s and most of my time is spent in the Cessna 310 as I spent the last 8 years in Manistee, MI flying as a Part 135 Captian at Orchard Beach Aviation before moving onto becoming a First Officer on the  CRJ900 for a regional airline for Delta. I try to make it to Ohskosh and Sun N Fun every year I have a true passion for aviation and love what I do.

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